Development Programme

  1. Objective:- Fostering and Promoting Islamic Religious Educatoin
  2. Method of Implementation:-
    • Selecting an appropriate district for the programme
    • Calling of requests from the religious institutions who are in need.
    • Recommended requests are forwarded to Hon. Minister for approval
    • Estimates are called from the proposed institutions
    • Implementation of work
    • Providing aids/Issuing cheques
    • Calling of financial and physical reports
  1. Following activities are being carried out:-
    • For constructions, renovations and improvements in mosques and other religious institutions
    • Providing furniture and equipments for mosques and other religious institutions
    • Providing fund for colour washing in mosques and other religious institutions and
    • Providing fund for reconstructions in mosques and other religious institutions
  1. Places where the programmes is carried out:-
    • The district will be selected with the approval of the hon. Minister
    • The programme will be implemented in all the divisional secretariat divisions within the selected district.
  1. Beneficiaries
    • Mosques and religious institutions in selected district
    • Muslim community in the selected districts
  1. Expected output/benefits
    • Produce a nobel Muslim community by educating the customs and rituals of Islam and facilitating to follow them.

National Meeladh development project is planned to be executed in Kandy district in 2016. An amount of Rs. 14 Mn was allocated through the project. Religious institutions will be selected by a committee appointed with the leadership of the Secretary to the line Ministry and the recommended project proposals will be forwarded for the approval of Hon. Minister for further activities.