Coexistence is the Real Freedom- Webinar Poetry

The Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs has organized a Webinar Poetry on 04th February, 2021 at 08.00 pm for the celebration of Sri Lanka’s 73rd Independence Day

The Webinar Poetry will be live telecasted on Facebook and YouTube Pages of the Department.

10 Poets will be participating in the Webinar and famous poet Mr. Ashraf Shihabdeen will be leading the webinar.

Name of Poets:

1. Poet Ashraff Shihabdeen
2. Poet Nachchiyadeevu Farveen
3. Poet Kekirawa Sulaiha
4. Poet Nintavur Shibly
5. Poet Attalay Nisry
6. Poet Maruthanila Niyas
7. Poet Muhaideen Saaly
8. Poet Zimara Ali
9. Poet Maseeha Bunyameen
10.Poet Yahya Ayyaash
11.Poet Reeza Hany