To All Umrah Travel Operators

We would like to inform  that all Umrah Travel Operators who would like to take Umrah pilgrims   from Sri Lanka this year, are kindly   requested to register with the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs on payment of Registration Fee of Rs. 25,000/- as in the past years.

The Department  would be able to  coordinate with  relevant  authorities in Sri Lanka  and  Saudi Arabia easily    and extend  necessary  Consular  and  Welfare  assistance  to the pilgrims  and the Operators and would also be able to ensure that the pilgrims would be provided  proper  accommodation, food  and other travel arrangements  by the Travel Operators  only if they are  registered  with this Department.

Hence, all Umrah Travel Operators are kindly requested to register with this Department with immediate effect, if they  would like to take Umrah pilgrims  from Sri Lanka to Saudi Arabia in the year  2022 (Hijri 1444)


If any pilgrim or Umrah Travel Operator would require more details in this regard, they are kindly requested to contact Hajj & Umrah Division of this Department on 0112669972 or via email:



Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs

3rd August  2022