Conducting Jumma Prayers at Jumma Masjids (Mosques)

The Wakf Board of Sri Lanka, with the concurrence of the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU), Supreme Council of Thareeqas (SCOT), National Shoora Council, and Sharia Council, has decided to conduct the Jumma prayers (Friday Prayers) only in the Jumma Mosque, where Jumma prayers were held during the pre-Covid pandemic situation, with immediate effect.

As you all are aware, all Mosques/ Thakkiyas/ Zaviyas were permitted to conduct Jumma Prayers by our Cir. No. MRCA/A/06/Covid/19 dated 17.06.2021 due to Corona Pandemic restrictions with regard to the Public gathering, imposed by the Health Ministry authorities.

Since, Corona restrictions have now been fully relaxed, there have been requests by several religious organizations and some Boards of Trustees of the Mosques to have Jumma Prayers only in the Jumma Mosque, as per the pre-Corona Pandemic situation. All Trustees and Persons in Charge of the Mosques/ Thakkiyas/ Zaviyas are kindly requested to conduct Jumma Prayers only at the Mosques where Jumma Prayers were held before implementation of Corona restrictions.

If any Mosque Management would like to upgrade their Mosques/ Thakkiyas/ Zaviyas to the Status of Jumma Mosque, they should fulfill the requirements, as per the criteria that has been prepared by this Department. A copy of criteria is also enclosed herewith.

However, upgrading the Mosques/ Thakkiyas/ Zaviyas to be a Jumma Mosque, would be carefully assessed and a decision will be made by this Department, only after proper scrutiny, if there are compelling reasons and valid justification for their request.


Ibrahim Ansar


Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs