Implementation of the Government’s Compulsory Education Policy in Arab Colleges subject to the Compulsory Education Provision Policy for 5-16-year-old Students

Workshops Organized by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural 
Affairs, Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs on how to implement the policy 
of compulsory education in Arab colleges under the Government's Compulsory Education for 5-16
Years Policy was held on 2022/01/20,21 at Trincomalee, Ampara and Batticaloa District Secretariats 
on the model of the Eastern Province where there are more Arab colleges for field research 
and information gathering.

Mrs. Radha Nanayakkara, Senior Assistant Secretary to the Minister of Education, District 
Secretaries, Additional District Secretaries, Mr. Ibrahim Ansar, Director of the Department 
of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, Mr. Munidasa, Director of the Informal Education 
Division of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Kumara, Assistant Directors of Department of 
Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, Eastern Directors of Education Departments of the 
Eastern Province, Informal Education Teacher Instructors, Police Officers, Officers in charge
of Arabic Colleges in the Eastern Provincial Council, Field Officers in the Eastern Provincial
District and Divisional Secretariats, Child Officers and Heads of Arab Colleges were 
also participated.