Islamic Scholars & Pioneers

Kasawaththai Aalim Appa


Birth : 1829 / Death : 1893
Leading Islamic Theologian and Expert Arabic – Tamil literacy lived in Sri Lanka during 19th Century.

Published several books in Arabic – Tamil

Famous Book – “Deenmaalai”

Dr. M.C.M. Kaleel

Birth : 1899.02.03 / Death :
Leading Physician, social worker, politician and leader of the community in Sri Lanka

Contributed for Muslims Education and Social Development.

President of the All Ceylon Muslim League

Contributed for the Independence of Sri Lanka

Al Haj H.S. Ismail


Birth : 1901.05.19 / Death : 1893
Uncontested 1st Parliamentarian of Sri Lanka by the 1st Parliamentary Election in 1947.

1st  Speaker of the Independent of Sri Lanka

Creator of Baithul Mal Fund in Sri Lanka

M.C. Abdul Cader


Birth : 1875.09.02 / Death :1946.05.27
1st Muslim Graduate in Sri Lanka

He was successful in securing Muslim Identity through approval to wear “Turk Cap” every where, including the court of Law.

Dr. Badiuddeen Mahmood


Birth : 1904.06.23 / Death : 1997.06.16
Served as Minister of Education in two terms (10 years)

Schools in Sri Lanka were Nationalized during his term of Office.

Jaffna University was established during his tenure.

I.L.M. Abdul Azeez

Birth : 1867.10.27 / Death : 1915.09.01
Engaged in Social Development activities along Sithy Lebbe

Publisher of the Magazine  titled “Muslim Guardian”

M.C. Abdul Rahman


     Birth : — / Death : 1899
       First Muslim Member in the “Ceylon Legislation Council” and Colombo Municipal Council.

The first un-official Municipal Magistrate.

Justice Akbar

Birth : 1880.06.15 / Death : 1944.04.22
First Muslim Justice in Sri Lanka.

Main contributor to the creation of Muslim Personal Law while holding the Position of state councilor.

Main contributor to the establishment of the University of Peradeniya.

Mohamed Cassim Siththy Lebbe

Birth : 1838.06.11 / Death : 1898.02.05
Pioneer in Sri Lanka for Muslim Social Development.

Pioneer to the His role in establishment of Colombo Zahira College and Muslim Ladies Education.

Author of 1st the Tamil Noval in Sri Lanka (Asanbe Sariththiram)

Orabi Pasha


Birth :  / Death : 1911
Migrated from Egypt for Political Reasons.

Lived in Colombo & Kandy

Contributed to the Muslim Social Development along with Siththy Lebbe.

Encouraged the Muslim to Learn English.

Returned to Home Land in 1901.

Naleem Hajiar


Birth : 1932 / Death : 2006
A Great Donor .

Founder of Jamia Naleemiya in Beruwela.

Establisher of Iqra Technical College.

Founder of Islamic Renaissance Movement in Sri Lanka.

Prof. M.M. Uwais


Birth : 1922.01.15 / Death : 1996.03.25
A pioneer Researcher in Islamic Literacy (more than 2000 Books)

First Professor to the Faculty of Tamil Literature   in  Madurai Kamaraja University (South India)

M.S. Kariyappar


Birth :  1899.04.29 / Death : 1989.04.17
Most researches had been done by him in Tamil Literature.

More than 2000 books were founded.

Dr. A.M.A. Azeez


Birth : 1899.10.29 / Death : 1973.11.24
Sri Lankan’s first Civil Servant.

Principal of the Colombo Zahira College.

Founder of Sri Lankas Muslim Scholarship Fund.

M.H.M. Ashraff


Birth : 1948.10.23/ Death : 2000.09.16
Founder of a Political Party for Muslims for the first time to confirm the identity of Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Author of a Large Book containing Poems in Tamil “Nan Enum Nee”

SEU and Oluvil Port was created on his philosophy

Dr. T.B. Jayah


Birth : 1890.01.01     Death : 1960.05.31
Served as Principal to the Colombo Zahira College for more than 27 yrs.

Founder of Zahira Colleges in several parts of the country.

One of the leaders who fought for  the Independence of Sri Lanka

Served as Minister in the Parliament of Sri Lanka and as an Ambassador for Sri Lanka in Pakistan.

Ceylon House in Makka (KSA) was created on his philosophy

Sir Razik Fareed


Birth :  1893.12.29 / Death : 1984.08.23
Founder of nearly 250 Schools in Sri Lanka.

Contributed to the community Development.

Founder of Teachers Training Colleges at Addalaichenai & Aluthgama.

N..H. Abdul Gaffoor


Birth : –/ Death : —
Gem merchant during British Ruler time.

A great donor.

Founder of Gafforiya Arabic College.

Founder of Gaffoor Hall in the Colombo Zahira College.

Vappichchi Maraikar


Birth : –/ Death : —
Donated his own land to the Govt. of Sri Lanka, free of charge for the establishment of National Museum. (Museum is closed on Friday on his request)

Main donor to the Zahira College.

Served as Manager at the Zahira College