Development Activities

This Department annually implements 02 major development projects.

  • Meeladh Development Project
  • Development Project of Other Religious Institutions Island wide

The above development programmes are being implemented under the capital provision allocated to this Department by the annual budget.

Allocation for year 2016

Development Programme Allocation for year 2016 (Rs .)
Meeladh Development Project 14 Mn.
Development Project of Religious Institutions Island wide 15 Mn.


  • Meeladh Development Project

The Objective of this development programme is “Fostering and Promoting Islamic Religious Education” in Sri Lanka. the project will be carried out in a district selected with the approval of Hon. Minister and it will be implemented through the all divisional secretariats in the selected district.

Following activities are being carried out by this project;

  • For constructions, renovations and improvements in mosques and other religious institutions
  • Providing furniture and equipments for mosques and other religious institutions
  • Providing fund for reconstructions and colour washing in mosques and other religious institutions

Annual Progress of the Meeladh Development Project;

Year District Allocated Amount (Rs. Mn.) Religious Institutions
2006 Ampara 25 Mosques – 20,

Arabic Colleges and Ahadiyya Schools -10,

Jammiyathul Ulama Building-01, Schools-02

2007 Trincomalee 16.4 Mosques – 28,

Arabic Colleges- 02, Ahadiyya School -01

2008 Monaragala 8.2 Mosques – 14,

Arabic Colleges- 02, Ahadiyya Schools -13

2009 Matara 8 Mosques -28,

Arabic Colleges- 07, Ahadiyya Schools and Qura’n Madrasa-11

2010 Batticaloa 10 Mosques -32,

Arabic Colleges- 03, Islamic Organizations -01, Qura’n Madrasas- 01, Kattankudy Gateway-01

2011 Hanbanthota 10 Mosques -18,

Arabic Colleges- 09,  Qura’n Madrasas-03, Other Islamic Religious Institutions -07

2012 Ratnapura 12 Mosques -30,

Arabic Colleges- 10, Ahadiyya Schools – 09, Other Islamic Religious Institutions -05

2013 Trincomalee 13 Mosques -45,

Arabic Colleges- 09, Qura’n Madrasas-02, Other Islamic Religious Institutions -02

2014 Kalutara 12 Mosques -29,

Arabic Colleges- 06, Qura’n Madrasas-01, Other Islamic Religious Institutions -05

2015 Kandy 14 Mosques -93,

Arabic Colleges- 04, Ahadiyya Schools-01

  • Development Project of Religious Institutions

Funds and aids will be provided under this project to all the Islamic Religious Institutions such as Mosques, Arabic Colleges, Qura’n/Hiflul Qura’n  Madrasas and Ahadiyya Schools Island wide to carry out their development work in the institution. The preference will be given to the requests given by the Mosques. A list of mosques will be included to the development project with the recommendation of the officers who handle the mosque files of each district. Fund will be provided for the following purposes;

  • Construction of Religious Institutions
  • Re-construction of Religious Institutions
  • Renovations of Religious Institutions
  • Furnishing of Religious Institutions (Furniture and Office Requisites)