Staff of the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs

# Name of the Officer Designation
1. Mr. M.R.M. Malik Director
2. Mr. M.R. Naseemul Haque Accountant
4. Mr.M.L.M. Anver Ali Assistant Director
5. Mr. M.H. Noorul Ameen Assistant Director (Acting)
6. Mrs. Noorul Iyne Cultural Officer
7. Mr. K.A. Sabry Cultural Officer
8. Mrs. A.C.S. Inaya Charity Assistant
9. Mr. M.F. Ahamed Asath Charity Assistant
10. Mr. K.R. Mohamed Wakf Board Secretary (Acting)
11. Mr. I. Sarook Wakf Tribunal Secretary (Acting)
12. Mrs. S.M. Thajudeen Management Assistant
13. Mrs. M.T.F. Muneera Management Assistant
14. Mrs. M.I. Razeena Management Assistant
15. Mr. R.M. Hafeel Management Assistant
16. Mrs. N.M.S. Shamila Management Assistant
17. Mrs. M.H.N.F. Kareema Management Assistant
18. Mr. H.M.M.S. Herath Management Assistant
19. Mr. J.H.U.P. Perera Management Assistant
20. Mr. A.S.M. Javid Management Assistant
21. Mr.M.M.M. Mufthi Management Assistant
22. Mrs G. Faheema Junaideen Management Assistant
23. Mr. M.C. Askar Management Assistant
24. Mr. I.M. Riyas Management Assistant
25. Mr. A.A.M. Azrin Management Assistant
26. Mrs. M.Y.F. Inshifa Management Assistant
27. Mr. M.N.M. Ramees Management Assistant
28. Miss. M.N.F Nasmina Management Assistant
29. Miss. M.G.F. Rushda Management Assistant
30. Mr. A.P.M. Sadham Management Assistant
31. Ms. M.N.F. Farmila Management Assistant
32. Ms. M.K.F. Rifka Management Assistant
33. Ms. M.S.N. Hakeema Management Assistant
34. Ms. H.H.F. Asna Development Officer
35. Mrs. M.M.F. Mueeza Development Officer
36. Mr. J.A.P.B. Jayasooriya Driver
37. Mr. R.P. Amarasinghe Driver
38. Mr. A.S.M. Rilwan Driver
39. Mr. W. Samaraweera Driver
40. Mr. M.R.M. Isham Office Employee Assistant
41. Mr. P.G. Shantha Kumara Office Employee Assistant
42. Mr. A.D. Samansiri Office Employee Assistant
43. Mr. W.A. Anura Office Employee Assistant
44. Mr. M.L. Farook Office Employee Assistant
45. Mrs. D.M. Pushpakanthi Office Employee Assistant
46. Mr. G.A.W.V. Deshapriya Office Employee Assistant
47. Mr. A.H. Razmil Office Employee Assistant
48. Mr. I.M. Rafeek Office Employee Assistant
49. Mrs. M.R. Muzammila Office Employee Assistant
50. Ms. A.M. Aakila Banu Office Employee Assistant
51. Mr. M.F.M. Siraj Office Employee Assistant

Staff of the Department who are attached/released to other public institutions

# Name of the Officer Designation Public Institution which they are attached/released to
1 Mr. A. Subaideen Cultural Assistant District Secretariat Ampara
2 Mr. A.L. Junaideen Cultural Assistant Divisional Secretariat Kattankudy
3 Mr. B. Raufdeen Cultural Assistant District Secretariat Polonnaruwa
4 Mr. H.A. Vasil Ahamed Cultural Assistant District Secretariat Matara
5 Mr. M.I.M. Muneer Cultural Assistant Divisional Secretariat Kattankudy
6 Mrs. M.D. Shanaz Development Officer District Secretariat Matara
7 Mr. V.T. Kanoon Development Officer District Secretariat Galle
8 Mr. M.J.M. Rashmi Development Officer District Secretariat Hambanthota
9 Mr. A.A. Asufar Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Kalmunai
10 Mr. T.M.I. Marikkar Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Narammala
11 Mrs. S.L.F. Nathira Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Eravurpattu
12 Mr. M.H.M. Hussain Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Akkaraipattu
13 Mr. R.F. Zamzath Development Officer District Secretariat Batticaloa
14 Mrs. M.A.C.F. Rihana Development Officer Divisional Secretariat  Koralaipattu West
15 Mrs. M.M. Nafliya Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Manmunaipattu
16 Mr. J.M. Shihar Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Ninthavur
17 Mr. M.A.M. Ibralebbe Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Irakkamam
18 Mr. M.A.M. Ziyath Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Oddamavadi
19 Ms. H.N.F. Rusna Development Officer District Secretariat Galle
20 Mr. A.M. Aariff Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Potuvil
21 Mr. A.H.M. Rifas Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Addalachenai
22 Mr. S.M.M. Azath Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Sammanthurai
23 Mrs. A. Fasmiya Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Addalachenai
24 Mrs. Siththy Jaseera Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Sainthamaruthu
25 Mrs. S.M. Jaleela Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Karaiteevu
26 Mr. M.M. Imthiyas Development Officer Released to Dept of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
27 Mrs. S.F. Insana Development Officer Divisional Secretariat Kinniya
28 Ms. A.H. Hilmiya Development Officer District Secretariat Trincomalee