Secretary’s Message

It is expected to ensure the national integrity in every aspect and thereby this Ministry has taken action to register the Mosques in very systematic methods with procedures and introducing new guidelines to complete the mission for peaceful ritual commitment in their programmes through the directorate of Muslim Religious & Cultural Affairs. Taking into consideration the ministry uses the available funds for new constructions and renovation as far as fairly depend on philanthropists.

Further to that a new Wakfs Board also formed recently and started its functions smoothly. Above all the Quashy Court also comes under the purview of this ministry and functioning well smoothly and it considers as a national victory in maintaining discipline.

While promoting philosophies of Islamic teachings for the common benefits of the nation this Ministry is overseas the Department of Posts for strengthening the postal services to the general public in continuation of it’s two hundred years old services coming through colonial era. Introducing modern techniques and information communication technology (ICT) amalgamating with postal industry for reliable and quick services to the general public we have succeeded in our efforts in all the way.

Throughout the recent past the Department of Posts was depends on the financial support extended by the treasury. But we are sure that we would gain 100 percent profits from the 80 percent of present profit margin in competing with private sector no sooner than now.  Improving postal industry we have taken all necessary steps to upgrade the postal building in rural areas by renovating and constructing modern postal buildings where necessary by utilizing available funds.

The Secretary