Qurban Slaughtering 2020 – Wakfs Board Directives.


Qurban Slaughtering 2020 – Wakfs Board Directives

Directives and guidelines to be followed for Eid Ul Alha – Qurbaan ;

1. Required slaughtering permit/s in writing from the relevant Local Authority should be obtained.

2. Required prior permission/approval and/or clearance in writing from the PHI of the area should be obtained.

3. Clearance, if necessary, in writing from the relevant Police Station should be obtained.

4. Should retain copies of permits, permissions/approvals and or clearance aforesaid at the place of Qurbaan.

5. Shall dispose the waste in a hygienic and in a manner prescribed by the PHI of the area.

6. The whole process is to be carried on in a manner not to cause any harm/disturbance/discomfort to the neighborhood and/or other communities.

7. All Covid 19 guidelines/directives issued by the Health Authorities and the Wakfs Board are to be fully followed and adhered to.

By the Order of the Wakfs Board.

Director of Wakfs (MMCT) and Director of the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs