• Vision : A society which follows the Islamic Religious Rituals with its cultural values.
  • Mission Shouldering to establish a just Muslim society by organizing all the activities
    perfectly for the upliftment and enhancement of the Sri Lankan Islamic society, coordinating and guiding the Muslim religious and cultural institutions and implementing the objectives of wakfs act.
  • Objective 
    1. Monitoring the Administration of Mosques / Charitable Trusts and their Properties.
    2. Monitoring the Administration of Islamic Religious Institutions and their Properties.
    3. Enhancement and Enrichment of Islamic Religious Studies.
    4. Enhancement and Enrichment of Islamic Cultural Activities
    5. To Provide Facilities and Services to the Hajj Pilgrims
    6. Honoring the People Serving the Community on Religious Matters and those who are contributing to the cultural field.
    7. Arrangements to encourage the Muslims to perform Religious Rituals such as five times prayers and fasting during Ramazan.
    8. Awareness programs on current affairs and guidance
    9. Maintain unity among Muslims and work for National Integration.
  • Functions of the Department
    1. Registering Religious Institutions including Mosque and appointing trustees.
    2. Administrating the Muslims Charities Fund and the implementing Wakfs act.
    3. Providing funds for developing the Registered mosques, Ahadiya (Daham Schools), Arabic Colleges, Quran Madrasa and Other Religious Institutions.
    4. Announcing the beginning and ending of the month of Ramadhan and distributing dates during the holy month of Ramadhan, which is donated by the Muslim Countries, through the main mosques of the districts.
    5. As an annual event to commemorate the National Meeladh-un Nabi Day, a religious and cultural program in a selected District has to be conducted. During this festivity, activities like developing mosques, religious institutions, muslim and non-muslim schools in the district also to be carried out. Simultaneously   felicitating pioneers in the Muslim community, awareness programmes, competitions and prize giving ceremonies and publishing books with a historical value of that area also will take place.
    6. Arrangement for the Hajj Pilgrimage.
      • Issuing license and registering the most capable agents
      • Educating pilgrims about the Rituals / Systems of the Pilgrimage
      • Distributing guidance book of Hajj pilgrimage.
      • Organizing Airlines for the pilgrims
      • Guiding and Assisting the Pilgrims during their stay in KSA
      • Providing Medical facilities for the  pilgrims in KSA
      • Guiding and Assisting the Pilgrims at the Air port in Sri Lanka and Jiddah
      • Monitoring the services of Hajj Operators in KSA and attending to the needs
      • Coordination with the Hajj Ministry officials in KSA
    7. Providing uniforms to Ahadiya Teachers Island wide, providing allowance for library books, conducting training programs for Ahadiya Teachers and introducing syllabus for Ahadiya schools.
    8. Registering Muslim Welfare Associations & Monitoring their activities.
    9. Providing necessary training for Islamic pre-school teachers and participating to continue their activities.
    10. Conducting an award ceremony called Kalaboosana to felicitate  and offer awards to Muslim Artist (This is a common program organized by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs )
    11. Encouraging Muslim Authors by purchasing their books and distributing the same among libraries in muslim schools.
    12. Conducting awareness programs and Workshops to train the trustees of the mosques and members of the administrative bodies of the Islamic Institutions.
    13. Selecting Candidates for international competitions on Recital/ memorization of the Holy Qur’an. These competitions will be held annually in Egypt, Iran, Malaysiya & Dubai.
    14. Selecting students for Islamic higher studies for foreign lands.
    15. Issuing special Identity cards for mulim theologies. (Moulavies)
    16. Issuing Religious certificates as a confirming document of the religion for the muslims who travel to Saudi Arabia.