Director’s Message


I have great pleasure in taking this opportunity to convey my message to the Website of the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka. it is significant that when the Government of Sri Lanka is initiating the e-governance to manage its institutions effectively, and other major private sector institutions are undergoing the challenge of redesigning it organization through information technology driven business such as e-commerce and e-business, this Department is also ensures that all the relevant information regarding the Muslim community living in Sri Lanka, is accessed faster by anyone who requires it.

As an institution under the Ministry of Muslim Religious Affairs and Posts, this Department is responsible for the preservation and promotion of religious and cultural values of the Muslims of Sri Lanka. Its functions are expanded in the recent past to supervise the administration of Mosques, Arabic Colleges, Qura’n Madrasas and other religious institutions and to concentrate on programmes such as Hajj and National Meeladh Celebrations.

As we live in the information technology era, the requirement of a Website is inevitable. Though this Website could not provide all necessary information at present, efforts are being made to provide comprehensive information through this website in near future.

This Department has a history of approximately 33 years of existence, but to meet the challenges and aspirations of the community, it was felt imperative to make necessary changes to the Department. As a result, the opening of a website for the Department is one of the major activities proposed to initiate this year.

M.R.M. Malik