Wakfs Board

The Wakf Board of Sri Lanka

For the purpose of enacting according to the Muslim Mosques and Charitable Trusts or ‘’Wakf Act’ a ‘Wakf board’ should be appointed which shall consist of the Director and seven other members appointed by the minister. The Minister may appoint one of the members other than the Director as the Chairman of Wakf Board. The Minister has the rights to remove any member of the board from office if he is not satisfied with the way such member discharge his duties. The removal of any member of the Board from office by the Minister shall not be called in question in any court.

If a person;

  • Is not a Muslim; or
  • Is, or becomes, a Member of Parliament; or
  • Is or becomes a trustee of a registered mosque, a Muslim shrine or place of religious resort or a Muslim charitable trust or Wakf

-Shall be disqualified for appointment as a member of the Board or if so appointed, shall vacate the office. Every member appointed by the Minister shall hold office for a period of three years from the date of his appointment. The 24th Wakf Board of Sri Lanka has been appointed at present.


24th Wakfs Board of Sri Lanka


Name of Board Members


01 Mr.S.M.M. Yaseen


02 Mr.J.M. Ashraff


03 Mr.M.M.Mohinudeen


04 Mr.N.M.M.Bishrul Ameen


05 Dr.A.S.Nawfal


06 Mr.Mahil Dhool


07 Mr. M.R.M. Malik (Director)



Contact Details of Members of the 23rd Wakf Board of Sri Lanka

No Name Address E.Mail
01 Mr. S.M.M.Yaseen Chairman 265/115, Torrington Edge Residencies, Torrington Avenue Colombo -05 smmyaseen@gmail.com


02 Mr.Shiraz Noordeen No. 106 A, Sri Saranangara Rd, Dehiwela shirazmn@gmail.com
03. Mr.S.H.Athambawa No72, Al Hilal Rd, Sainthamruthu-2. athambawahameed@yahoo.com.uk
04 Mr. U.A.Najeem 64/6, Dharmarama Road, Colombo-06 najeem@sltnet.lk
05 Mr. J.M.Ashraff 234-2 Bulugohatenna , Akurana ashraffnaleemy@yahoo.com
06 Mr. M.M.Mohinudeen No 258, Galle Road, Wellawatta, Colombo-06 info@delmonhospital.com
07 Mr. A.A.M.Rayees 29/10,Rukmani Gardens William Goapallawa Mawatha, Suduhumpola, Kandy amm-rayees@hotmail.com


18th Wakf Board of Sri Lanka
Alhaj S.H.M. Mahroof  Chairman
Mr. H. Ghazzali Hussain  Member
Mr. H.I. Khairul Basher  Member
Moulavi S.H. Atham Bawa  Member
Mr. M.N. Iyoob  Member
Mr. J. Thariq Mahmud  Member
19th Wakf Board of Sri Lanka
Alhaj S.H.M. Mahroof  Chairman
Alhaj H. Ghazali Hussain Member
Alhaj Muslim Salahudeen
Alhaj  H.I. Khairul Basher Member
Alhaj Moulavi S.H. Atham Baw Member
Mr. J.Tariq Mahamud Member
Mr. M.I. Ameer Director (MMCT)
20th Wakf Board of Sri Lanka
Al-Haj   Mansoor Marikkar  Chairman
Mr  T.H. Careem Member
Al-Haj  M.L.M.H. Mohideen Hussain
Moulavi Mufthi M.I.M. Rizwe Member
Dr A. Uthumalebbe Member
Al-Haj  M.I. Uthumalebbe Member
Al-Haj  P.P.T. Mohideen Member
Mr M.I. Ameer Director (MMCT)
21st Wakf Board of Sri Lanka
Mr. Shabry Haleemdeen Attorney-at-Law Chairman
Mr. H.M.M. Mashood Member
Mr. A.H.A. Junaid Member
Mr. S.M.M. Junaid Member
Mr. M.Rafeek Ismail Deputy Director (MMCT)
22nd Wakf Board of Sri Lanka
Mr. M.A.S.Uwaise Chairman
Mr. S.M.Noordeen, Attorney-at-Law Member
Mr. T.H.Careem, Attorney-at-Law Member
Mr. M.M.Baheej, Attorney-at-Law Member
Mr. N.M.M.Ubaid Member
Mr. M.H.M. Zameel Director (MMCT)